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Adopting a story

On this article all the abandoned stories that are in adoption and are in the category. We recommend you visit it to see ALL the available stories, because here you can see only a percentage with images and a handful that have been most edited by its owner. Anyone can adopt a story, as long as they are committed to continuing it. When you adopt it, you will take into account all the pages within its category, and you can make all the edition that you believe necessary in the story to make it your own.

To be able to record that you will adopt one of these stories, you must edit the "Requested stories" section. Place the name of the story (linking the main page of this) and add your wikia signature ( ~~~~ ).

Notice: The administration will be watching that the adopted stories are continued. If these are abandoned for 2 months without any reason, the story will be back in adoption, not including the editions you have contributed (if they are less than 3 chapters).

Stories in Adoption

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Without COVER[]

Claimed stories

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